Feelin’ Gratitude From Down Under

Lovin’ What I Do With All of You

How do you know you love what you do?

Travel to Australia on the best trip of your life…and see if you find yourself brainstorming ideas for client projects and company improvements.

There I was, watching sunsets, marveling at sunrises, floating in infinity pools, ferrying out to the Great Barrier Reef and drinking umbrella drinks as dusk came over the beach. The word “relaxed” seemed like an understatement. It was more like pure “pinch myself” bliss.

Blog Interrupted

A Night to Remember

Sometimes you just gotta zig when your plan says zag. I had a cool blog ready to blast out—all about the importance of having fresh content on your website. Then last night happened.

Bam! Blog interrupted.

Yesterday morning, just before heading out to an important brainstorming/strategy meeting downtown, the call came in.

One of our best clients was asking could we, would we pull off the editing, design and printing of a 44-page, 4-color booklet for his presentation with Los Angeles city officials for a huge multi-million-dollar development? And could we somehow deliver 20 of these printed booklets by 10:30 a.m. the next day?

SF Valley Business Journal Tribute Makes Us Smile…
An Indelible Spirit Surpasses the Woman Thing

When I was growing up, it never occurred to me that girls wouldn’t be viewed with the same respect or career opportunities as boys.

If anything, it seemed the boys in my elementary school classroom were not quite as academic as most of the girls; nor as eager to excel. Even athletically, the girls were often the winners. In high school and college, the idea of female versus male professions still never crossed my mind. Maybe it was because my parents taught me that I could do whatever I set my mind to; no holds barred. Or maybe I was just born with an indelible spirit that did not see obstacles.

My first entrepreneurial endeavor was born in my ‘20s, after I left an executive editor position where the publisher valued form over substance; and dollars over values. And I never looked back. I started in my home producing newsletters for large corporations and organizations. Then came marketing and public relations and branding. Then came everything else.