I always say, “People don’t do business with companies; they do business with people.”

Sometimes we get so caught up thinking of companies as entities; instead of a group of individual people with their own frailties, families and personal lives. Here at DDCC, we have eight team members who benefit each time a client chooses us over the competition. Our clients are not simply selecting “DDCC the company,” you are electing to help and support all eight DDCC team members with our own personal and professional goals. Each time one of our clients awards us a project, you impact not only our valued team members, you benefit those team members’ children and their entire family’s wellbeing. In short, your choice makes a difference in each of our lives.

Freedom Unleashed

Ahhhh, the joys of freedom; my freedom.

Raising two amazing sons was the joy of my life. In fact, I tell my boys that I was truly born when they were born. And that’s the truth.

Late evenings overseeing homework; rising and shining early in the morning cooking their breakfasts; hours in the kitchen preparing family dinners; countless days juggling the social and sports calendars and attending events; and ongoing chores of cleaning, laundry and the like. Add that to owning and running a successful business; I had a full plate.

Comfort Zones Don’t Fill My Heart

My heart is full.

It’s a good thing, since it’s February; the month that celebrates the heart.

I have a good friend and client who ponders the question of why we have all deemed the heart the center of our emotions. After all, he says, it’s simply a beating organ.

At some point in our history, right or wrong, the heart has taken on the burden of being home to our most personal emotions. A text message of “I love you” is often accompanied by a heart. The confession of “I don’t have hate in my heart” is followed by admiration. And uttering “My heart is yours” is about the sweetest thing we can ever say. Even a faster heartbeat is associated with falling in love.