Yay! we're unveiling ddcc's new content packages for employees or customers

Sure, all companies know they need a web presence, but how about finding the time and talent to continue to integrate rich customer or employee content?

Unlike a printed piece, a website is a living, breathing entity that needs real-time events, actions and updates to thrive. It’s reliant on the increased search engine optimization that comes from content, key words and more. And employees need the great web content to increase engagement, culture and corporate values.

Is He Comfortable or Not?…..You Make the Call


It’s one of the best words ever.

When a C-level executive appears comfortable while giving an important presentation, the audience gives him or her other attributes too. Leaders are comfortable; so are visionaries. Comfortable implies confidence, connectivity, warmth and approachability. It also conveys knowledge.

That’s why I was so proud when my latest speech-coaching client—the president of a $200 million company—received this feedback after his recent shareholder meeting presentation:  “You were the most comfortable I have ever seen you!”; “You presented like you were so comfortable; like speaking to a small group in your backyard.”; “I cannot believe how comfortable you were up there, so much better than I’ve ever seen you!”

Holiday Card

Check Out My Kitchen Wall

Every time I went to the mailbox I hoped I would find one…one of those cool holiday cards with photos of friends and families afar wishing me a wonderful holiday season.

I opened them up with glee like presents, and smiled at the faces staring back at me from the cards. I posted them on the kitchen wall and vowed to reconnect with those faces each time I passed by. In fact, now long after the holidays have passed, the cards are still displayed. I just can’t bring myself to throw them away.

Visiting Grave Markers and Logos

I went to visit dead people last weekend.

It was a journey I knew I would eventually take; yet one for which I was in no hurry.

My mom died in 1996; my dad in 2002. They are buried in my hometown of Vallejo, California, next to the closest person I had to a grandpa.

They call Vallejo the “gateway to the Napa Valley.” This term has always struck me as accurate, since Vallejo’s only claim to fame is quite appropriately the gateway to somewhere else.