Here’s what our decades of experience get you…


Ruth Drizen-Dohs /

Founder & CEO

A woman entrepreneur with spirit, enthusiasm and lots of experience. You don’t know what you don’t know until Ruth’s team joins yours.

Aurora Ciabuca /


All-intuitive, brilliant, caring and exact; what more is there? Trust that the numbers, consistency, follow-through and tight ship she runs here are the same way we treat your company logistics and your budget.

Christina Jorgensen /

VP Communications

A mastermind of creative and a writer extraordinaire. You’ll soon discover there’s no one better to brainstorm, schedule, combine and deliver your projects. She’s amazing.

Dominic Izon /

VP Creative

An innovative, urban phenomenon. Experience the quiet storm inside that brews up the most on-target looks and feels that your audiences will not—cannot—resist. You can’t put your finger on it; but he does; he “gets” it.



Kevin Gonzalez /


Is he an artist or a collaborator? The wait is over; he’s both! Kevin lives and breathes a pure love of art…and he listens intently to the client’s needs. You’ll enjoy this dual gift for sure; just like we do!


Alex Herrera /

Production Director

They say ex military men make the best managers, and they ain’t kidding. We salute Alex every day for his discipline, insight and dedication to his position and our project quality. It’s the very best for us and the real deal for our clients.


Paul Amico /


If you’re looking for some ‘get up and go’ mixed with a dose of tenacity and tight writing skills, you must be looking for Paul. This writer/editor will stop at nothing to get it right and meet his deadline…and we’re betting that’s the way you  like it, too!