Happy New Year! I hope all is well with you, that you have a functional kitchen, and that you had time over the winter break to enjoy it.

This is just an email to tell you something that I think you should hear every day: your team is amazing. Christina listened to my tale of woe this morning, offered great advice, and sent me in a better direction. I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you do for us here at CNT, and that Christina, particularly today, was simply wonderful and offered a level of customer service that made all the difference.

So, THANK YOU. That’s all!”
—Kate, Non-Profit Religious Organization

“The program books are stunning and reflect your high level of expertise…I cannot thank you enough. Btw, not only is your product superior; your communication is as well. You guys are the best. I will recommend you every possible opportunity.”

 —Heidi, Financial Services Events

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work of Drizen-Dohs Corporate Communications in creating a graphic identity and publicity materials for our convention. This was of immense help to us and set the stage and tone for a wonderful event. We are deeply appreciative of your generosity, talents and time.”

—Julie, Non-Profit Religious Organization

The DDCC team transformed our regional newsletter into a full color e-magazine with tremendous reach and impact. They always exceed our expectations!”
—Debbie, Non-Profit Religious Organization

I have been working alongside DDCC, Inc. for many events, big and small, for years. DDCC, Inc. is a full-service studio with the heart, vision, talent and eagerness to provide the very best quality and service in the industry.”
—Susan, Private High School

DDCC has the ability to create a vision for any project, whether it’s a newsletter, educational video or social media campaign. They are always willing to change direction in the midst of a project and have patience to make non-stop revisions while still meeting our deadlines. The icing on the cake: The design team is undoubtedly the most creative I’ve had the pleasure to work with. They never cease to surpass expectations.”
—Tracie, Hospital Medical Center

DDCC has been my go-to communications and design studio for the past 20+ years. They have helped me brand companies, write and design employee newsletters, develop advertising campaigns and create event materials. I cannot only count on them to exceed my expectations on the materials they create, I know their talented team will make the process fun along the way. As long as I’m in business, they will be my first choice for my communications partners.”
—Jeff, Automotive Care

We’ve been working with DDCC for the past few years to produce an in-house newsletter and have been very pleased, not only with the quality of their work, but also with their willingness and ability to flex to meet our erratic schedules and changing needs. I’ve also been impressed with their understanding of our business and our complex and changing industry.”
—Hollye, Health Care Organization

I have had the great pleasure of working with DDCC for the past 10 years. And, what a great experience we have had together! There has NEVER been a time that I couldn’t count on these professionals to come through with flying colors. There is no job too small, too large or too complicated for this team. They treat you like family by bringing you into the process, and by doing that together, we get a fabulous product…every time!”
—Cindy, Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organization

In all the excitement last week I forgot to send this. The poster is great! And so nice to have to add a professional touch to the evening. I had well over 100 attend with 150 RSVPs. Sold and signed 70 books. Thank you SO MUCH!”
—Susan, Career Services

Another dynamite job by the DDCC team. Frankly, based on all of our previous work together, I never expected anything less.”
—Fred, Strategic Communications Consultant

I’ve been working with the DDCC team for years and they never cease to amaze me. They’ve helped us to launch new communications initiatives and refresh older ones—always with tremendous passion, ideas and creativity and the highest quality within often tight timeframes. Not only do they always bring a bright spot to my day with their humor and spirit, they’re a true ‘partner’ in every sense of the word.”
—Lauren, Leading Health Care Organization

Truthfully, this personal branding has helped me more than any other work I’ve done during my transition.  I just feel like the brand captures ‘me’ and has thus helped me to focus more clearly on my ‘value-add’ that I bring to the company or to the client. DDCC’s time spent with me was invaluable.”
—Paul, Technology Solutions Corporation

Thought I’d write to you after reviewing the very cool press kit you sent me. Most OEMs have (thankfully) gone away from sending out the 4-inch binders in favor of CDs, but this is the first jump drive I’ve received via mail. And, I just love how it’s packaged—what a very creative, trendy design. Bravo!”
—Mary, Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturer

Thank you for the great presentation and thought-provoking questions. As a multi-dimensional business, I need to find a way to bring more clarity to our marketing so that we can efficiently share our offerings in a concise manner. Your questions and wisdom provided the assistance I was longing for.”
—Michael, Country Club

We are getting AMAZING feedback on the site. I love it—professional, classy looking and relevant! A winning combo!”
—Jenny, Executive Search Company

You always take such good care of me. I’m always buried with work and running behind schedule and your team saves the day.”
—Lori, Global Apparel Firm

We cannot begin to thank you enough for making us look so beautiful at our event. The Fashion Show was a huge success in that our guests were smiling from the time they arrived until they departed. We received so many compliments on our identity material. The program—WOW!!!!!! It was amazing. So many people commented and ask, “Who made the program?!” Thank you for seeing our vision and making it come to life. This was apparent in all that you did for us, beginning with the invite, the posters and the program. Thank you for your talents, your eye for detail and your tender care while working alongside us. DDCC is a class act!”
—Susan, Sue, Carol & Diana, Private High School Administration

The publication that arrived this afternoon is beyond terrific! The design elements are outstanding, and the content is good, too. It is beautiful and readable, and I congratulate you, as editor, on a particularly fine job. I have vision problems, and I usually find that efforts to make publications, invitations, etc., beautiful and interesting result in their being unreadable. This retains black on white contrast, and the blue does not interfere with its readability. Wonderful job!”
—Joy, Religious Institution

DDCC listened to our initial thoughts and created a rich and diverse plan to reach our communications goals. The results were beyond our expectations.”
—Jim, Steel Processing & Distribution

The directories were printed with perfection! Crisp and clear—great paper, firm cover. Everyone was raving. I appreciate so much your sending the poster board, which added a nice polishing and unexpected touch. Thank you very much for delivering excellent printing for me. I am very appreciative and had so many compliments on the quality of the directories. Simply put, you made me look good!”
—Heidi, Real Estate & Finance

Hi, Dom, got the extra printed cards in the mail on the SaveYour project and just want to say WOW!!! They look incredible–exceptional quality card stock and printing! Even though I’m not surprised about your unwavering professionalism, I can never thank you enough.
Always the best,
-Tommi, Publications/Media Executive

Firstly, you have an amazing team!  I love working with them.  Very professional, bright and kind.  Thank you for taking us on.  I’m very very happy!”
—Religious school marketing director