What’s the first thing customers and employees do when you want to know more about your company?

They visit your website—your first impression to the world.

That’s why keeping it fresh and engaging is so key. But if you’re like most people, you launch your site and then
rarely—or never—introduce new content.

DDCC can help

Visit our Studio Shop to connect with fresh content (custom and pre-written) that speaks to your customers and employees. You can even create an
e-newsletter cover and social media calendar to drive readers to your new web content.

It’s your complete online content and communications portal just waiting to make your first impression to the world an amazing one.


You’ll be asked to download and fill out an online order form. A DDCC representative will then contact you to finalize your order, pricing and payment.


To finish your submission please email your completed DDCC Online Content PDF to studioshop@drizen-dohs.com along with any questions or information regarding your online content.

If the interactive features are not compatible with your web browser, download and open the forms in Adobe Acrobat.