That one house on your street…you know the one. It’s overgrown with dry weeds, its paint is chipping and the roof is missing a tile or 20. It brings down the value of every house on the block…including yours.

I was walking past that house in my neighborhood the other day. I noticed right away that the landscaping had been cut and watered; most of the weeds cleared. The guy who owned the house happened to be in the front yard, and so, like a good neighbor, I decided to give him some encouragement. “Yard is lookin’ good!” I blurted out as he waved hello. “Yeah, just gotta keep at it,” he replied.

This guy’s comment got me thinking. Yes, “keeping at it” was indeed not only the key to keeping a yard in check, it was also the key to just about everything worthwhile; disciplining your children, upping your education, saving money or eating healthy…just to name a few.

“Keeping at it” in our world at DDCC is all about communicating with consistency. It’s about strict production schedules, hurdling obstacles in case the client hasn’t had time to do his/her part and always having a “Plan B” in place just in case “Plan A” gets stalled. remove double space here It’s about meeting deadlines that keep communications consistent and timely…even when they require us to put in extra hours beyond our original scope.

Producing the highest quality materials is not enough for our team; they must be on time, consistent and keep our client’s advantages and best practices top of mind to everyone who reads them. We are charged with assessing results on a regular basis, so we can zig or zag as the numbers dictate.

We know that just like anything worth doing, communications is not a one-time hit; whether for employees or customers. We have to “keep at it” if we want stellar results. And you can count on your DDCC team to “keep at it” for you.