You Gotta Love It, Or Else

I’m the restaurant guest who sends back her steak to the kitchen when it’s not rare enough.

In fact, I’ll send back just about anything if it’s not prepared as I had requested.

My philosophy is ‘Why should I suffer through a meal that doesn’t taste great, especially when I’m paying for it?’ Why should I feel like I have to eat something I don’t like just so I’m not inconveniencing the waitress or the kitchen? I can send it back nicely; but I gotta send it back.

The same holds true for other goods and services. Should I settle for a dentist who describes my next dental procedure as ‘my worst nightmare coming true’? Would I ever purchase a piece of clothing with a flaw if the store wasn’t open to providing a discount? Would I continue to fly on an airline where flight attendants are dismissive and rude?

I understand that some customers would rather not hassle with the unpleasantness of changing vendors or service providers, or the discomfort of waiting for a second restaurant order to arrive. I just believe it’s important to speak up; if for no other reason than to try to save other customers the same fate. It’s also fair to give your service providers a chance to improve so they can continue to earn your business. Maybe, just maybe, they will learn to do something differently if we just nicely express our desire to receive courtesy, value and quality.

This tenant is one of the cornerstones of DDCC. Our reputation is built on our customers feeling valued, respected and proud of the projects we deliver. When we’re branding a company, we want you to love your logo. When we’re producing your company newsletter, we want your employees to feel proud they are featured inside; or your customers entertained by the read. When we’re managing your social media, we want you to feel good about “liking” our posts. When we’re writing stories or providing marketing content, we aim to capture your interest from beginning to end; and when we’re producing your website, we want you to smile each time it pops up on your screen. Our creative direction on these projects is a process, not an end. Our editorial, design, print and online services team collaborates to ensure you are not compromising on anything at all, and that you are feeling the “wow” factor each time we present. We do our homework and we don’t believe in shortcuts. You either love it or we are going back to revise things until you do.

With DDCC’s reputation on the line each and every time we interact with our customers or present our work, we know that your happiness translates to ours. And whether you’re that customer who falls in love with our presentation at first sight, or someone who collaborates with productive rounds of revisions, we are all in, all the time. We know that earning your business is an ongoing journey, and we believe it’s a journey well worth all our effort.