A Symbol of Success & Hope

They say in marketing, the key to success is telling your story.

So here’s a piece of mine.

My mother was a concentration camp survivor.

Her parents, my grandparents, were killed in front of a firing squad. My cousins and aunts and uncles in Germany were all shot or gassed or starved to death.

That kind of thing scars you way down deep and shapes the way you look at life forever.

My mom was one of the lucky ones who emerged from the horrors of Auschwitz with hope and gratitude and a double zest for life. She was fearless in her opinions and her actions and she taught me to look at every day as a gift. “We never knew whether the guards were going to kill us in our sleep,” she would say, “so just waking up in the morning alive is something to celebrate.”

She instilled in me that whatever I set my mind to do, I could accomplish, and that “yes I can” would be my mantra. She taught me that “a promise is a promise,” and loyalty and transparency go hand in hand.

So when she told me that she would always be with me before she passed away way too young 24 years ago this month, I knew she would find a way.

She did.

That hummingbird that flitted by day after day when my mom first passed, or the one that still always comes and hangs around when I need her encouraging words most, is my sign. It reminds me of how far I’ve come with her strength and inspiration alive in my heart and in my head. This little bird’s ability to keep on flitting its wings, with never seeming exhaustion, is a promising sign to live by—and to work by. Its constant purpose to spread sweetness from one place to another is a reminder that what DDCC strives to do every day is one in the same.

Whether it’s spreading our spirit of gratitude to our clients or zeroing in on the perfect messages for their their varied audiences, our DDCC team is all about spreading sweet messages from your place to another.

When you visit our cool new website, I hope you will remember that the hummingbird you see there is a symbol of our “yes I can” spirit; positive approach to everything we do; core ability to spread your message to the places that matter; and knowledge that even the greatest challenges can result in the sweetest results.

After 20-plus years of the honor to serve you, that’s OUR story and we’re stickin’ to it.

On behalf of our entire DDCC team, we promise we will always consider it a privilege to tell yours.