I love those little individually wrapped Dove chocolates.

They’re rich, they melt in your mouth, and if you can manage to eat three or less, you won’t be killing your calorie count for the day.

Believe it or not, I think the positive messages inside each foil wrap is what I enjoy about them most.

Just last evening, as I popped one into my mouth, I eagerly read this message: “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

And well, that got me thinking.

Clearly the message must have been exactly meant for me. After all, there were so many layers of meaning that related to DDCC; our team and our clients.

For starters, there’s that awesome vibe that exists inside our team’s tribe. People say your team is no stronger than its weakest link. If that’s true, we have strength in spades. The cool vibe we emit when we’re together is about shared values, positive attitudes and always going above and beyond…because that’s what makes us proud of ourselves. I suppose that’s what attracted us to…well…each other.

Then there’s the meaning for our clients. Our vibe has been so very fortunate during this crazy time to attract clients who believe in mutual respect, tackling new approaches and truly caring about their employees and customers. They’ve come forward with amazing collaboration and support to develop new and exciting communications initiatives specially designed to engage their stakeholders in this new digital environment. And boy, do we love those clients’ vibes too!

The other vibe we’re hoping will attract positive results is the compelling messaging for our clients that retains their great employees and attracts and engages great customers. Each of the tools we use in this robust digital forum is best used with specific messaging. Content and graphics for social media, e-blasts, publications, podcasts, videos, websites and animation must be suited to each medium to receive the maximum engagement. The vibe will surely attract the right tribe when we use each digital tool to its maximum potential.

As that little Dove chocolate foil reminds us all; a tribe that reflects the right vibe will light up your personal and business lives each and every day. And that makes everything a little sweeter for all of us.